Custom-made specialities

The best brands rely on our experience and capacity for innovation.

Our clients can order customised products, created using one of a kind formulas specially adapted to the characteristics they request.

Our RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, and INNOVATION department can create the perfect formula for any type of recipe.

  • Custom icings, decorations, and fillings, with a full range of flavours, colours, and textures available
  • Caramelised egg yolk
  • Toasted egg yolk (toasted or burned)
  • ‘Whisky yolks’ and other gourmet creations
  • Products without sugar



We can prepare any mixture with all of the ingredients ready-made for a standardised or custom-made mix to produce desserts, ice cream, cakes, pastas, omelettes, mayonnaise, and other products quickly, easily and safely.

 We also produce technical or functional products:

  • With improved emulsifying capacity
  • Suitable for freezing
  • Products that keep their shine and resist hardening
  • Special egg whites for beating, etc.




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