Standard products


Our products are packaged and presented in a manner designed to meet the needs of our clients (no retail sales).

To prepair any type of recipe...


With salt

Pasteurised WHOLE EGGS OR EGG YOLKS, with SALT added as specified for the preparation of omelettes, soups, pastas, sauces and mayonnaises, cold cuts, etc.


With sugar


Pasteurised WHOLE EGGS, EGG YOLKS, OR EGG WHITES, with SUGAR added as specified for the preparation of baked goods, pastries, ice cream, nougats, icings and fillings, custards, and all types of desserts.  


Gourmet creations: Caramelised egg yolk, toasted or burned egg yolk, whisky yolks, and other specialities

For the preparation of custards, baked goods, pastries, ice cream, nougats, decorations, icings&fillings, and all types of desserts.




Pasteurised POWDERED WHOLE EGGS, EGG WHITES, AND EGG YOLKS for all types of applications.


Functional products:

  • Egg White Powder high gel
  • Egg White Powder high whip 
  • Egg Yolk Powder heat stable



CREATIONS USING POWDERED EGGS: Use powdered eggs mixed with other powdered ingredients to quickly and easily produce standard or customised products: salad sauces or mayonnaises, doughs and batters for pastries and cakes, custards for filled desserts, etc.


Angel Hair

'ANGEL HAIR’ (strands of egg yolk), with the excellent texture, colour, and flavour required to enrich and decorate all of your canapés, cold cuts, sweet or savoury pies, etc.


Egg white cubes

An exclusive product patented under the DAUSÀ brand. These can be eaten as a snack or as a high-protein food with no cholesterol or saturated fat. They can also be used as a complement to other foods or in salads.

Available in single-serving packets or in small tubs for use in prepared dishes.



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