Fat-free healthy eating 


Our Dausà egg white cubes begin with fresh eggs from carefully selected farms, subjected to strict health and safety standards. The cubes are boiled at a constant temperature for just the right amount of time to prevent any loss of flavour. The packaging we use ensures that our products arrive to the kitchen ready to use.


Our egg white cubes are the ideal complement to enrich and enhance all types of salads, vegetable soups or stews, Russian salads, appetisers, brochettes, or to add to any dish for a dash of colour and vibrancy. They can also be eaten any time as a healthy, low-calorie snack, since they contain no cholesterol and no saturated fat. In fact, the assimilable protein content in 50 grams of egg whites is equivalent to the amount found in five glasses of milk. All of these qualities make it an essential food product for periods of growth and physical exertion, as well as an optimal of any diet at any age taht can be eaten every day.


Available in single-serving packets or in small tubs for use in prepared dishes.

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