COPAIN SL was founded in 1968 to create all types of egg-based preparations and to provide the food, bakery, and restaurant industries with a specific formula for each of their needs. We offer our clients our facilities and the talents of our staff to provide them with:



First-rate excellence in quality and services

The most advanced technology available

Full traceability, guaranteed



We also design and produce custom-made icings, decorations, and fillings.


We can adapt our specialities based on pasteurised liquid, frozen, or powdered eggs to any recipe.


We create functional products to meet the needs of our clients:

  • Products with better capacity for emulsification
  • Special egg whites for beating
  • Products suitable for freezing, etc.


The latest creations developed in our R&D facility are an exquisite angel hair and our DAUSÀ egg white cubes, a nutritional product low in calories for a complete and balanced diet.





             Registered Lab No. 644